The journey to radically better, paradigm shifting, LEVEL UP dentistry begins here.


Join us for a no-commitment discovery event and learn what laser dentistry can do for YOU, YOUR PRACTICE, and YOUR PATIENTS.

Patient Experience

  • No shot

  • No drill

  • No numb face

  • Reduce appointment times by 50% or more

  • Less bleeding

Better Dentistry

  • Faster healing times for soft tissue procedures

  • Less traumatic, more conservative over high speed handpieces

  • Antimicrobial with pulpal protection

Expand Procedures

  • Easier soft tissue procedures (ex: esthetic gingivectomies and frenectomies)

  • Easier hard tissue procedures (ex: tori removal, crown lengthening)

June 25, 2021

Next Discovery Event

Facility: Wendell Learning Center

Address: 3200 Wendell Blvd, Wendell NC 27591

Time: 9-4pm

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