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The Every Day Practitioner




With competition growing fiercer every day and patient expectations increasing, mediocrity in business just doesn’t cut it anymore. Success in dentistry is now more dependent on non-clinical factors that we weren’t taught in dental school.

As young practitioners we’ve spent the last 5 years learning clinical and business lessons the hard way - through trial and error. More importantly, we learned how to COMBINE those lessons. In our courses we’re distilling down those lessons in an effort to help fellow dentists sharpen their business and clinical skills and ultimately build happier, more successful practices.


Sink into our plush chairs. It'll probably just be you and a few others. We've designed a low-key, to the point learning space. Our role: lead the discussion and drive conversation. Yea, there will be a "lecture" but we're hoping you learn as much from us as you do from the guy or gal next to you. 

As in-the-trenches practitioners along side you, we know your "take home" has to be practical and easily applied.  So, we're not focusing on elegant $30,000 cases. We aim to give you simple clinical and business strategies that pay off in big ways and that you can apply immeidately. 


Smarter dentistry. Happier Dentists.

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Stay With Us!

Looking for the MOST convenient lodging while you're visiting us? Look no further. Our cozy, recently renovated cottage located directly behind the learning center is perfect for small dental teams or individuals, especially those wanting to experience Wendell's warm Southern hospitality and a 5 minute walk to the downtown area!

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| founder & instructor |  BIO

Heath Brantley, D.D.S.


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Wendell Learning Center

3200 Wendell Blvd, ste 100

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Tel: 919-374-0070

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