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Multiple Quads, no problem

Most restorative dentists can crank out 4+ fillings an hour if they are all in the same quadrant and only require one round of numbing. But not all patients have 4+ cavities in each quadrant. As a result, simple restorative appointments are often limited to one or two teeth at a time which can be really inefficient.

Traditionally, a new patient would come in and have perhaps 4-8 fillings spread out equally in each corner of the mouth. I would routinely schedule these in 4 visits (or sometimes 2), but I would never attempt them all in one visit. Why not? First of all, numbing someone with 6+ shots and 6+ carpules of anesthetic makes for an unpleasant experience and very numb face. But more importantly, for certain patient populations, numerous injections are actually dangerous!

Think, 20-30 pound children. They would be overdosed by carpule 2.

What about pregnant patients? I previously waited until the second trimester for elective treatment, now I have zero hesitation with Solea.

Cardiac patients or patients with extreme sensitivities to epinephrine used to be problematic. Not anymore.

Dr. Brantley Restoring Tooth #J

All of these previously high-risk patients can be treated with Solea in multiple quads all day, everyday. A Solea patient can be treated in two 50 minute appointments or one 90 minute appointment. It is up to them. If given the opportunity and money is not a barrier, almost every patient prefers the fewest number of visits; which consequently makes me maximally efficient. I actually find that with pediatric teeth I can do 6-8 fillings in 30-40 minutes depending on patient cooperation.

All in all, Solea is a win-win for both the dentist and the patient.

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