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Solea Should Have Been My First Big Tech Investment

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Solea has been an absolute game changer for my practice. I started using Solea as my primary tool for caries removal in July 2017. Since that time, I’ve seen my efficiency increase exponentially as well as my profits. Fillings are profitable again!

I am a dental technology power user. Prior to Solea, I had mastered in house fabrication of crowns, onlays, veneers, bridges, implant guides and implant restorations utilizing my CEREC. I also do all of my full arch impressions and ortho setups digitally. I had also been using CBCT for the better part of four years for better diagnosis and treatment planning. Therefore, the learning curve for Solea was relatively straight forward, and I have found how easy soft tissue procedures can be.

No shot, no drill fillings with Solea dental laser

So, three years after buying my practice, I’ve invested in three powerful technologies for approximately $350,000! By the way, this doesn’t include the second Solea I recently signed for that will be delivered later this month. That’s close to $500,000 in dental tech in 3 years. My reps love me.

The second Solea is for my full-time associate that was hired in May 2018. Another topic for another day, but I had to get an associate because my practice is exploding. Because I am using my laser on every patient, my first laser is always tied up. Selfishly, I am not willing to share it.

If I had to go back and do it again, I would buy the technologies in this order: Solea, CEREC, and then CBCT. CEREC and CBCT have definitely made me a better dentist, but the truth of the matter is I only use them a combined 3 times/day. I use my Solea for eight straight hours on 6-7 patients a day. Like most general dentists, a majority of my day is spent doing fillings. Solea has dramatically increased my efficiency of the procedure I do the most! As much as I love the other tech in my office, they only help with a few procedures a day.

I absolutely believe dental technology is revolutionizing the way I perform dentistry and improving my bottom line. Otherwise, I wouldn’t continue to invest so heavily.

- Heath Brantley, D.D.S.


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1 Comment

Chris Vo
Chris Vo
Jul 02, 2018

Impressive, Heath!

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