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The Solea Effect

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Have you experienced the Solea Effect in your office? In a nutshell: faster appointments, higher efficiency, happier patients.

A curiously, wonderful thing happened to our practice about 18 months ago. I liken it to a milestone or a fork in the road. Our practice’s identity seemingly changed. I say ‘seemingly changed’, but it’s more like we found the perfect technology for what we were trying to accomplish for our patients.

I have always had the mentality that our patients are number one. If we can make it easier for them to say yes or remove barriers to treatment, it’s a win-win for all involved. To say it differently; the doctor who makes it easiest for their patients, wins.

Solea seemed to accentuate everything we were trying to do. I’m calling this the Solea Effect:

Faster appointments:patients dread coming to the dentist enough, let’s not drag it out longer than it has to be. Patients hate WAITING on anesthesia, WAITING on band placement, and then WAITING on you to finalize your restoration. This makes them feel unimportant or worst yet, that the doctor is distracted. Furthermore, same-day dentistry is easier to complete out of hygiene when it takes 10 minutes to complete…instead of 40.

Higher efficiency:everyone wants to be more efficient. Most of us would say we are already as efficient as possible. If you have Solea, I tend to agree with you because it completely changes HOW you do your work. I would suggest that most dentists without Solea are bogged down by simple restorative and are doing it inefficiently, preventing them from scheduling other more interesting treatments. The process goes like this: we leave the room constantly because we deliver anesthesia and must wait (least efficient thing we can do), and we check hygiene because we have to find something to do with ourselves. Solea allows me to get down to business and focus on one task at a time. As a result, all of my appointments end 30-50% FASTER because I am less distracted by less productive tasks. Higher efficiency leads to working out of fewer chairs, needing fewer team members, and a lower overall overhead.

Happier patients:this should be self-evident, but it’s not always. Patients HATE shots and prefer not being numb (if given a choice). Secondly, they really DISLIKE both the noise and vibration a drill produces. When you are able to remove shots and drills from the equation, routine restorative work truly becomes as easy as getting your teeth cleaned. This produces HAPPY patients that can’t wait to share their experience with others. Happy patients also tend to pay their bill.

When you are performing dentistry that is

- inherently safer (no shots, reduced preop anxiety),

- removes the shot and drill (least pleasurable part of the dental experience),

- results in better surgical outcomes (laser wounds heal much better with less inflammation),

…existing patients and colleagues WILL refer to you!

The Solea Effect has transformed our practice from a 1 doctor, 2 hygiene practice to a 2.5 doctor, 4 hygiene practice in shorter than 18 months. There are a lot of pathways to grow your practice; however, I’ve found that focusing on ways to get more efficient with current treatments are what take you to the next level. Silver bullets that aren’t in line with your practice’s identity usually do not work. Are you looking for a silver bullet or practice game-changer?

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