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October 28, 2021 | 8-9 pm
(free webinar!)

Panel of speakers:
Who would have thought?! Local anesthesia
for RDH in NC!


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Smarter Hygiene. Happier Hygienists

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CLINICAL - New dental technologies and evidence based practices seem to be coming out at an even faster pace today. There's certainly a lot of NOISE out there. We're focused on the signal within all the noise. Our commitment to our members is to carefully select the most important and hygiene relevant topics to help our members stay up to date with the things that MATTER

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WELLNESS - Dentistry is a physically demanding profession, and hygienists must FIRST take care of themselves before they can take care of patients. We're talking about prioritizing your mental, emotional, and physical health. This includes better ergonomics, exercise or mindfulness techniques, and stress reduction strategies. We're committed to helping hygienists avoid work related injuries and chronic disabilities so they can live happier, higher quality lives both in and out of the office.

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BUSINESS - Hygienists are typically viewed as a clinical team member, however the most valuable hygienists not only understand business but are able to help build the business of a dental practice. Additionally, with competition growing fiercer every day and patient expectations increasing, mediocrity in business just doesn’t cut it anymore. We'll help you understand your role in the business of dentistry and how you can become an even more valuable team member.

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