Dental Lasers & Why You Should Be Paying Attention:

An overview and  update on an existing future

Dental lasers are poised to transform the traditional practice of dentistry, and, with recent dramatic improvements, we’re now sitting at an inflection point in our profession. Gone are the days that lasers simply represent adjunctive, if not novelty, dental tech toys (think diode lasers). No longer narrowly limited in terms of their use, the new generation of CO2 lasers provide dentists a safer, less invasive, and anesthesia free instrument that’s able to cut both hard and soft tissue with incredible efficiency.

As experienced laser users, we’ve designed this presentation for new laser users as well as those non-laser practitioners interested in learning where the state of the art with dental lasers currently stands. We’ll discuss the following topics:

- How lasers work - specifically CO2 lasers
- The truth behind “anesthesia free” laser dentistry
- The benefits of lasers over high speed handpieces
- The range of procedures that are possible with lasers
- Procedures include fillings, soft and hard tissue surgery, and many more
- The ROI of lasers and how to use them to build AND distinguish your practice

*This presentation does not represent a sales event. While we are a training center for Convergent Dental, parent company of the Solea CO2 laser, this webinar is unaffiliated with them, and we have no conflicting interests, financial or otherwise. Our primary intent is to share our passion with you and hopefully bring value to you as a dental practitioner.

Presented by: Heath Brantley, DDS (bio)


CE Credits: 1 hour

Webinar Password: learnmore

Monday, August 24 | 8:00pm EST

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