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Introduction to Purposeful Foam Rolling: Self Care to Reduce Your Tight and Sore Muscles

Thursday, April 9 | 1-2pm EST

Have you ever thought:

“If I am this tight now how tight will I be 10 years from now?” “Why am I getting so tight stiff and sore?”

Join Intro to Purposeful Foam Rolling to learn:

What causes your muscle to be tight, stiff and sore.
The impact of tight muscles How Purposeful Foam Rolling can reduce those tight, sore muscles. Additional benefits of Purposeful Foam Rolling

We are going to be getting up and moving!

You’ll be learning Purposeful Foam Rolling and self care skills that you can use right away.
We want you to join us, and be able to participate, so watch the video to find out what you need for the inservice!

Don’t have a foam roller or foam ball yet?

In the video we’ll share some other options you can use.
You can also purchase your foam roller and ball from Amazon in time for the inservice.

Presented by: Brian & Christina Hagan

Webinar Password: learnmore

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CE Credits: 1 hour

Please go HERE for our favorite self care tools
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