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Level 1A: Solea for assistants

You know how to use the laser, but there’s more to it. Your assistant needs to know how to care for the laser after you finish your procedure and zip to the next room. Did you know the majority of common struggles doctors have with their laser stem from improper care and maintenance? We’ll help train your team to care for the laser properly so that you can focus on actually using it! Additionally, we’ll help your team understand to incredible benefits this laser brings to your practice. In our own experience running dental practices it can simply take hearing the message from someone other than the owner. **This course is for Assistants only. Topics include:

solea for assistants wix.jpg

  • Basic intro to the laser


  • Overview of the possibilities with Solea


  • Discuss the “Solea Why” (why it’s important to patients and your practice)


  • Proper maintenance with defined schedules


  • Consequences to patients of improper maintenance


  • Verbiage and talking with patients (setting expectations)


  • Selling same-day treatment


  • Marketing the laser

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