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Class III

Solea is my go to for virtually all simple restorative treatments. Cases like this one are simple enough, but occasionally tissue management can be an issue. The gingiva can get nicked or will weep while attempting to bond a filling in place.

The patient below presented with numerous cavities, however she wanted #10 restored first.

#10 Pre op

I began with a 1.25mm spot, 40-50% power and 100% mist. I traced the lesion on the facial being careful to stay on enamel and not break into the caries. I spent approximately 45 seconds on the enamel. This gave me a nice facial bevel.

#10 Prepped

I then switched to 1.0mm spot and kept the power at around 40% and focused on removing the decay and getting a smooth gingival margin. This is where Solea makes life so much easier on these. When prepping the gingival margin, you can't help but do some mild troughing which really helps with placing the filling.

#10 restored prior to polishing

Class IIIs like these routinely take 10 minutes to complete without anesthetic. Additionally patients are able to smile and evaluate the esthetics more accurately when their lips aren't numb.

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