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Marketing Solea

Solea markets itself. That pretty much sums up what you need to know about Solea...

...but I'll go into a little more detail for those of you that want it.

Solea markets itself in many different ways: Patients talk about it

Solea produces more positive experiences

Direct to consumer marketing

Patients love not getting numb and they tell everyone about it. This is the definition of an organic process. They go home to their family or to work and inevitably a conversation about how horrible dentistry is will arise. Your patient listens to everyone bemoan getting shots, etc and then chimes in..."my dentist doesn't have to numb me for fillings because he's got this new laser thing." The next day all of those patients transfer to your office.

Certain procedures in dentistry are very unpleasant. Think frenectomies and fibroma removals. Now imagine doing these procedures without blood and a tenth of the post op problems that usually occur.

I am now getting referrals for consultations from both specialists and patients regarding fillings! Whoa, Whoa, I know what you're thinking...but before you say, "I don't want to do more fillings that sounds terrible," these consults take 5 minutes to complete because I look at X-rays that they brought in from their dental office 3 weeks prior. I say, "yes, I can do them all without numbing your kid. It will take 20-25 minutes to do 4 cavities, or 30-40 minutes to do 8 cavities." They ALWAYS schedule. I then send them back to their dental home for routine cleanings and X-rays. The only person losing in this situation is the patient's family dentist that is still doing it the "old way." Patients are waking up!

Like other dental companies, Convergent Dental has made it easy to find dentists in your area that utilize this technology. People are looking for alternatives and they will find a Solea dentist. I look forward to a day when there are direct to consumer ads...kind of like how Invisalign does it.

If passive marketing isn't keeping you busy enough, you can always open the flood gates with some type of external marketing. Mailers have worked incredibly well for our practice. You may also try a radio ad or TV spot. Keep the message simple and why it benefits the patient. Don't water down the message with the other 15 services your practice offers. No shot, no drill is usually enough to get people's attention.

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